“To be a musician is a curse, to not be one is worse”

June 9, 2010

“To be a musician is a curse, to not be one is worse.”

Jack Daney

When it comes to curses, I have it pretty bad. The moment when I wake up, a tune instantly pops into my head and never leaves until I turn on my stereo and play a different song. All throughout the day music blasts in my head, so its hard to concentrate on anything besides listening to the music bouncing around in my head. So I have to painfully take a deep breath and sit with my mind completely blank for a few minutes and listen to the ambient sounds of the busy street and buzzing computer fans. That works for a few minutes until my mind automatically remixes the sounds into a sort-of abstract rhythm and my mind creates a vibraphone accompaniment. So musicians are cursed pretty bad, with notes and patterns exploding through their minds, with little room for much else.

“To not be one is worse.”

I cannot even describe how terrible it feels when on a rare occasion there is no music bouncing around. Then I look at some others. non-musicians of sorts, and i just gape at them, so confused at how they live without music in their minds. But then again, they wouldn’t know what being a musician felt like, so…… no harm done.   🙂